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Designation: Araz

Years passed since assembly: 23

Ways to contact me: Same username on Gaia, Wattpad, and Discord. I dont post my email publicly so you can contact me there for that information to plot!

Worlds I know: G1, Prime, Movies, and some IDW (up to issue 18 for both comics; have recently ordered them all to catch up and finish)

Timerfame I operate in: UTC-5:00 Im online mostly at night and sporadically through the day due to work and school (Ayyy masters degree x P )

Personas I assume: Ratchet, Wheeljack, Thundercracker, Prowl, Starscream, Soundwave and a lil bit of Jazz

Personas I will NOT assume: OP and Megatron are my hard no's because I know I cannot do them justice. Otherwise Im game to try just about anyone. (Though the above list is in order of preference)

What I'm looking for: Any one really. I am shipping trash and can come up with plots for just about anything.

Things I'm comfortable with: Anything and everything. No, seriously, Im not put off by much. Only thing I ask is you be 18+ especially since I am looking for a romance writing partner.

Things I don't do: Only thing Im not a fan of is femme/mech pairings. Otherwise -- *shrugs*

Other notes: Even though you can contact me however you like, note I will not RP on PG-13 sites or under, as I'm not shy in the fact Im looking for some mech smut ; P You got any weird kinks or whatever hit me wit 'em baby. Additionally I have 10+ years of RP experience, at least 5-6 of which have been in fandom. I can furbish examples upon request~

Looking for Literate Roleplay Partner!!

Designation: Night Shadow

Years passed since assembly: Legal age to purchase lottery tickets and vote~

Ways to contact me:
Email: rotrnightshadow@gmail.com
I do not use skype, and the most prefered way to reach me would be through this service, or gmail if you really preferred. I will be the most available on my email! Please, message me here first, though~

Worlds I know: I'm the most familiar with TFP, RID, and MTMTE, but I also know TFA, Bayverse, G1, and a tiny bit of Armada, Beast Wars, and IDW.

Timeframe I operate in: Central Time Zone. I'll be fairly active, unless at work, or later in the evenings, as I tend to hit the hay early.

Personas I assume:
I'm very open to all characters, and if you would perfer for me to assume a character that isn't listed, please, please ask!!
TFP: Wheeljack, Knock Out, Breakdown, Smokescreen, OP, Ratchet, Starscream, Megatron, etc
IDW/MTMTE: Cyclonus, Tailgate, Roddy, Megatron, Drift, Ratchet, basically anyone on the Lost Light
Bayverse: Optimus, Drift, Jazz, Crosshairs, Bee, etc
TFA: Jetfire, Jetstorm, Blurr, Bee, Prowl, Bulkhead

Personas I will NOT assume: Most likely, I'll refuse a character I don't really know too well. That includes the MTMTE DJD, most Beastwar characters, no Arcees (unless TFP or TFA). But, like I said earlier, I'm pretty adaptable, and am more than willing to consider your suggestions!!

What I'm looking for: I'm rather good with romance, and its my favorite roleplay category. I really want long term partners, who are willing to use paragraph form, and are detail-oriented. I do love action and some sort of overlying plot line, not just straight up fluff. Please, bring your own creative ideas to the table, and we can collaberate together to find something that appeals to both of us!

Things I'm comfortable with: Fluff, angst, humor, crossovers, paragraph style roleplay, horror, mild torture, fighting, fadeouts

Things I don't do: Full on smut. I don't mind leading up to it and then cutting off with a fadeout, but that's about it. If something strikes me the wrong way, I'll be sure to let you know! :)

Other notes: I've been an active TF roleplayer on Instagram for a long time, but the community has since gone wayside. I never really got into the whole Tumblr scene, and prefer to use gmail for roleplaying. I'm rather agreeable and very open to suggestions, or simply having conversation. Please don't mistake my easygoing style for inexperience, as (not to be boastful) I am a skilled roleplayer. Message me!

I don't bite, only nibble~

Transformers Prime: RP

Location: Transformers Prime: RP - a Forum RPG based on Proboards

Type: TF only. We are a literate, intermediate to advanced Transformers RPG based off the first season of TFP with dashes of other incarnations sprinkled here or there. Original characters are welcome as well as canon characters from any continuity, however they must be restyled to match the TFPrime universe.

Setting: The setting is Earth, picking up after the episode 'Criss Cross' to follow along its own AU path in which MECH is a larger threat to both Cybertronians and Humans alike.

With MECH capturing and brutally experimenting on Cybertronian kind, Autobot and Decepticons alike have been forced to create a temporary truce lest their numbers be slowly picked away. With arms temporarily halted between factions, enemies must set grievances aside and stand beside rivals in order to try to disable their shared foe.

However, all is not well on the home-front for both factions. A mysterious new illness has appeared within the Decepticon ranks and no one knows how it spreads, how to detect it and -most importantly- how to cure it. Meanwhile, with the truce in effect, the Autobots are cut off from raiding Decepticon energon mines and now face an uncertain future and rationing as their supplies quickly dwindle. Alternatives must be found soon lest they face starvation.

More information under the cutCollapse )

Just another hopeful search

Designation: Amber

Years passed since assembly: 25

Ways to contact me: hellostrangeritsamber@gmail.com. I also have Skype, feel free to ask me for my SN
(Please email me rather than pm or comment here. I made this LJ account to post here and don't think I'll be on it frequent enough to comminicate through the PM system. Thank you!)

Worlds I know: I'm familliar with Prime, mtmte (up-to-date), Robots in disguise (comics and not fully up-to-date), G1, RID (animated series) and the animated series.

Personas I assume: Megatron, Jazz, Prowl, Overlord, Vos, Rodimus, Drift, Knock out, Starscream, Breakdown, Whirl, Nightbeat, Skids, Getaway, Chromedome, Rewind, Grimmlock, Wheeljack, smokescreen,Bluestreak, Blurr, Sunstreaker Skywarp and sometimes Oc's

Personas I will NOT assume: In general I'm open to give anyone a chance but I do reserve the right to decline if I do not know the character well enough to portray them.

What I'm looking for: Anyone and everyone! Really I'm super easy going on pairings, friendships and all that jazz. I do have a soft place in my heart for Prowl x Jazz, Megatron x Optimus, Megatron x Starscream, Drift X Ratchet, Skywarp x Thundercracker and Drift x Rodimus. Even Oc's are welcome

Things I'm comfortable with: Slash,Oc's angst, gritty/darker plots, Fluff, friendships, romance, humanized transformers and all that fun stuff. Not all mentioned here has to be in a plot for me and is simply a list of what I'm willing to write.

Things I don't do: That would be beastwars or human x TF relationships.

Other notes: I like plotting stories out with my partner, mix ideas and in general just make sure we both get something we enjoy writing on. The most important thing to me is that we both have fun!

Transformers Prime: Convergence

Location: Transformers Prime: Convergence - A Proboards Forum RPG
Type: Aligned Continuity (TFP, RiD, Universe, War for Cybertron), open to incorporation outside Aligned Continuity Family

Setting: Our story begins shortly after the beginning of the Transformers: Prime storyline as a major canon divergence due to the meddling of the wrathful Megatronus, the Fallen member of the Thirteen Primes, whose vengeful actions result in the splintering of time itself and the accidental convergence of many timelines into one.

The boundaries between universes and time periods begin to overlap. Major events begin to happen out of order, or else do not happen at all. Individuals who were previously dead now live. Strange things happen. Memory itself becomes blurred as the universe tries to correct itself, but soon the tears grow too large for the universe to patch up. It is not long before alarming inconsistencies are noticed by hero and villain alike.

Fate and destiny hang in the balance as the universe slowly falls apart. Will the eternal struggle between Autobots and Decepticons be put on hold in order to face this dire situation, or will differences be too great to overcome?


Welcoming community
Semi literate-to-literate
Divergence from canon that allows for endless story possibilities
Many canon characters available
Open to incorporation of characters from outside the Aligned continuity family
OC friendly!

I need a Breakdown for my Knockout!

Hello all!

Well, the title says it all! I need someone willing to RP Breakdown with me because I want, no NEED to get my own headcanon for that pairing going! I need a Breakdown to meet my Knockout and make their origin story as I imagine it into life! Pre-War on Cybertron to begins with but, depending on the partner I manage to get and their dedication, it can spred far and long throughout the growing rebelion and then the war.

Please help me bring my OTP to life!

Thank you so much in advance!

The best way to contact me is through my AIM account: Mélanie Côté or supermel@live.ca

Repost! RP partners wanted!

Designation: Nightelfcrawler (Jen)

Years passed since assembly: 36

Ways to contact me: I'm on gmail / gtalk as serenitydragon at gmail dot com, AIM as nightelfcrawler, and YM as crankyblackcatandhyperkittenz. I can find other methods if they work better for you.

Worlds I know: G1, Bayverse, TF Prime, Some comics IDW, Shattered Glass, and pretty much anything. I tend to do the 'generic TF universe' and create our own backgrounds kind of thing.

Timefame I operate in: US Pacific Standard. I'm available after 5pm until about midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays all day if I am not busy. My schedule changes every 6 months, so I'll update you if that is going to happen.

I am a TF veteran, I'd like to think. Been doing this for about 9 years in the TF world, and RPing for about 13 years, written plenty of fanfiction (nightelfcrawler is my profile on ff.net), and I'm an aspiring author so you'll get great depth of writing, characters, backgrounds and stories out of me.

Personas I assume: I'm a Starscream kinda gal. I like playing him, like the drama, etc. I do a decent Optimus Prime as well, being he's my favorite pairing with Star. I can also take on some of the other main personas when needed.

Personas I will NOT assume: Anyone I don't know well enough to be able to play to my satisfaction. Usually the lesser-known bots. And admittedly I'm not good at doing Megatron. He comes out as just 'generic evil' with no oomph.

What I'm looking for: I'm a detailed rper. That is, I love complex in-depth stories that last a long time. I love sitting down and just carrying on philisophical conversations, deep emotional connections, and a good all-out fun exciting romp. I'm not against doing anything in particular, I do enjoy slash, and can go as dark as you like, or steer clear. I tend to prefer sticky RPs, but am flexible for the right partner. I'm looking for someone who has tons of ideas, and doesn't mind a primarily one-on-one character based rp, where we only throw in other characters to help the plot along, but the focus is on our two chosen. I'd love someone who has some creative universe, plot idea or just wants to get really in-depth with their character.

Things I'm comfortable with: Slash, graphic and gorific scenes, lots of angst, drama, darkness, some fluff, lots of romance (but not cheese), and all that good stuff.

Things I don't do: Don't really like Beast Wars, humanized transformers or playing femmes, or mary-sue OCs. I also dislike crack, other than brief drunken acts of stupidity. Also, I prefer RPing with people 18+, no offense. I just feel more comfortable knowing that you are of legal age to do some of this stuff we do.

Other notes: Hrm. I'm pretty open. But I tend to be a more serious / drama based rper. I do love humor thrown in there
however, the good ol' sarcastic comment. If you're not afraid to get gritty and dirty, or if you just want some nice long in-depth stories,I'm your gal! Favorite pairings are SS/Op, SS/Meg, SS/twins, SS/Ratchet, SS/SF, SS/trine.... or anyone really ^,,^ I'm open to new ideas, funky character pairings. I'm willing to try pretty much anything. I love 'different' rps, as in something not usually read or seen, alternate
AUs, but not deviating from the general core.

Anyway, please contact me if you're interested!

PS I also enjoy Star Wars RP. Ask me!


Role play partner needed

Designation: Kinkai (anything else can be decided after we contact.)

Years passed since assembly: 16

Ways to contact me: first by email, then facebook would be fine. I also have a skype.

Worlds I know: IDW (mostly mtmte, i havent really caught up, but i dont mind spoilers because lets get serious, i do not have enough time to), animated, prime.

Timerfame I operate in: western european

Personas I assume: tailgate, rodimus, bumblebee, anyone really. I literally do not give a damn, if you suggest a character, all i need is a little bit of info and bada bing bada boom i will attempt them.

Personas I will NOT assume: i do not give a damn, i will play everyone mostly.

What I'm looking for: would be nice if i had a cyclonus for my tailgate. Other than that, i dont care if you are new to the whole franchise or youve been in it for years, i do not care how old you are i just woukd like someone to role play with.

Things I'm comfortable with: i dont mind. I will do smut but uh, lets not go too overboard. If im not comfortable about doing it at the time, i will say.

Things I don't do: depends

Other notes: i would like to know a bit more 'bout you, not anything personal but eniugh so we can atleast be familiar with eachother. My email is rebekahjpattison@gmail.com, use it to contact me.

Looking for a RP partner

Designation: jenn
Years passed since assembly: 32
Ways to contact me: Skype (kanou.ortiz21)
Worlds i know: IDW and G1, but mostly IDW.
Character i assume: IDW Thundercracker.
What i'm looking: a 20+ partner who can play as a IDW Soundwave, Bumblebee or Skywarp,(any of them will be great!)
Things i do:  Slash, smut,fluf, Friendship or romance based plots.
Things i don't do: noncon, torture.

One last thing, i'm bilingual, spanish is my mother language and i think that's all XD
I hope someone's interested on my TC~

Designation: Sanna
Years passed since assembly: 24
Ways to contact me:
axthousandxlives@gmail.com ( I have AIM, YIM and Skype.)

Worlds I know:
Prime, animated, Bayverse some G1,IDW and RID

Personas I assume
Prowl, Jazz, Megatron/Megatronus, Drift, Overlord, Vos, Rodimus, Chromedome, Tarn, Red Alert, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Jazz, Blurr, Knock Out, Tarn, Smokescreen, Skywarp and Dreadwing

Personas I will NOT assume:
Hound and TFP Starscream.

What I'm looking for?
- a partner that is 20+
-Mainly some new partners. I'm up for almost any ship, just let me know what you're into! I'll lis some of my favourites below:
Jazz/Prowl, Megatron/Optimus, Drift/Rodimus, Rodimus/Magnus, Rodimus/Sunstreaker/Sideswipe, Rodimus/Drift/Magnus Chromedome/Rewind, Red Alert/Inferno, Jazz/Optimus/Prowl, Knock Out/ Smokescreen, Knock Out/Dreadwing, Grimlock/Bumblebee, Skywarp/Thundercracker

Things I'm comfortable with:
Slash, most kinds of smut, Sticky, Plug N play, OTP3, humor, plot, Friendship based plots, Romance

Things I don't do:
Torture, D/s dynamics

Don't be shy with suggestions or questions! I'm always happy to meet a new tf fan!

Hope to hear from you~


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